Long Island Smart Construction Custom Decking

We can design, plan, and construct your deck to custom fit your needs. From traditional railing contemporary, we offer a wide range of deck solutions to fit any lifestyle.

Custom Deck Building Services

We have mastered the art of designing and building custom decks, pergola’s, and all outdoor living spaces.


At Long Island Smart Construction, we have perfected our craft in designing and building the most stunning, versatile outdoor living spaces. Our finished projects never fail to transform the way our clients live in their homes. Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, when you choose Long Island Smart Construction, you are choosing decades of expertise and a deeply unique, detailed, quality product.

Long Island Smart Construction Deck Builder


Our design expertise and quality craftsmanship are second to none.

Deck Remodelers is a nationally recognized outdoor specialty design and build firm. Our company was founded on the belief that a deck should never be any less beautiful or inviting than the rest of the home. Owner Sean McAleer used his years of experience in home building and finish woodworking in conjunction with innovative materials and design methods to bring his vision of outdoor living to life. We believe using quality materials and employing highly trained and certified crew members are well worth the investment... and so do our clients.

At Deck Remodelers, we design and build premium outdoor living spaces and we refuse to compromise quality or cut corners in our work.


TO CONSIDER WHEN Designing Your Custom Deck

Your dream deck can take whatever shape you like. The trick is making it fit your budget and site conditions. While the deck doesn’t have to be built as a rectangle, there could be good reasons for doing just that. Or not. Every project is different. Here are some tips to help you square your dream deck with reality.


Think of how the deck can add more convenience to your home and what will it be used for. Will it be used as a dining area or an outdoor kitchen? Your deck should have sufficient space for activities and traffic pathways. Visualize where the furniture and appliances will go as well as the designated activity areas. Make room for chairs, a dining table, coffee tables beside lounge furniture and potted plants.


The size of your property can define the size of the deck and where it will be placed. The more space you have, the more choices you have when it comes to the design. Other factors you should consider when it comes to size is the sun and shade, your area’s climate and the view. You may want to build your deck in the area of your home with the most beautiful view.


Wood is the most popular decking material, but it isn’t the only one out there. Weather-resistant woods such as redwood, cedar and cypress are also known among many homeowners. Your local decking  company, Long Island Smart Construction, offers quality materials like composite, pressure-treated woods and hardwood.

Design, Size and Shape

The size of your deck depends on its location and your budget. Your deck’s shape is defined by the house’s architecture. Following the structure of your home makes the deck look like a natural extension and creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. It will even look more beautiful if goes together with the surrounding landscape.



The main reason homeowners might choose to tackle this job themselves is to save money.  An experienced contractor like Long Island Smart Construction will do a better and faster job than most do-it-yourselfers. They have been building decks for years, have the right tools and equipment to do it efficiently and are well-prepared to tackle any issues if something goes wrong during construction. Hiring a pro also gives you a design advantage. If you want a deck with a little more of an architectural flare or need a custom deck to fit into a uniquely shaped yard, then hiring a deck building company could save you a lot of time when it comes to creating the design.